There’s no doubt about it – negotiating takes both finesse and confidence. It’s not for everyone, especially those of us who are passive. But when the times comes to purchase a new home and you’re sitting across the table from a home seller, buyers meek and confident alike must be able to hold their own in a negotiation. A skilled realtor can certainly help, depending on what’s on the table. Either way, the cost of backing down too soon could be too much to bear, literally.

  • Closing Costs

Not always negotiable fee-wise, but if the seller can pay them, see that they do. Transferring the cost to the seller will take a hefty up-front expense off of your loan.

  • Points

Buyers can have these point fees transferred to the seller, reducing the cost of the loan. Even when a seller pays these points, the borrower can still deduct them from their taxes.


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