FHA & HUD $100 Down Mortgage Program

Many buyers are not aware that FHA & HUD have a special $100 down mortgage program, mainly because this is a specialty program. In fact very few lenders and banks specialize in and offer the HUD 100 down program.

The property must be a HUD owned home. Basically a HUD home is a home that was foreclosed on and had a FHA-insured mortgage. HUD pays off the losses of the lender and takes the home back to sell and recoup their losses. It is then offered for sale at market value, based on a recent AS-IS appraisal, meaning, and the market value in its current condition. If you find a HUD home you like, a HUD registered realtor is needed to help set up a showing and to make a bid. Also, the buyer will still need to pay earnest money(deposit) for the home as well.

The benefits of the HUD $100 down home loan.

  • Only $100 down payment is required to purchase one of these homes (some closing cost may still apply.)
  • Offers the Lowest Down Payment requirement (very close to 100% financing.)
  • Generally easier to qualify for than conventional loans.
  • Generally offers lower interest rates than conventional loans.
  • Total loan amount cannot exceed FHA maximum county loan limits.


Wright Mortgage works with numerous FHA lenders that offer these $100 Down HUD REO


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