Wright Mortgage Services

Wright Mortgage Services


Why choose Wright Mortgage for your client mortgage needs? Our customers would say that we are fair, transparent, reputable, and a responsible mortgage company who knows how to help people navigate through the mortgage loan process. I have been in the mortgage industry more than 15 years we are efficient, knowledgeable and have the best interest rates. We just make it the Wright Way to do Loans. Here are just a few of our mortgage products:

New Downpayment Assistance Program!

Wright Mortgage has a new program that provides up to 3% in down payment assistance, in the form of a non-repayable grant for FHA, VA and USDA 30-year fixed mortgage loan only. There is no repayment associated with this down payment assistance program. The grant program may be applied against the borrowers down payment, closing costs and prepaids. This is a regular FHA loan but a new down payment assistance program. The loan must be a owner-occupied home and the borrower must not own any rental property.

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TBD Approvals

Wright Mortgage offers an innovative new loan program to homebuyers before they find their home! With TBD Approvals, buyers have the confidence that they have already been approved for their mortgage which means their buying power is improved. Sellers know the loan process has been completed so there is no worry that the sale won’t close. Buyers can negotiate a good purchase price because they know they can close quicker than with a traditional loan process and they can offer the seller an assured closingRead more

FHA Loans

Borrowers will now be required to have a minimum FICO rating of 580 to qualify for FHA’s 3.5% down payment program. Borrowers with less than a 580 FICO rating will be required to put down at least 10%.
–  1 FICO credit rating ok –  Credit Rating of 500-579- max 90%LTV –  No trade-line requirements. –  The down payment can be a gift from a relativeRead More

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