TBD Approvals

TBD Approvals Wright Mortgage offers an innovative new loan program to homebuyers – before they find their home!       We can complete the loan process – actually approving your buyer – without an identified property. With TBD Approvals, buyers have the confidence that they have already been approved for their mortgage which means their… Continue reading TBD Approvals

Down Payment Program

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS ■A simple one-step process, so we do all the coordination; there is no third party for you or the borrower to engage with ■ DPA is a grant equal to 2% of purchase price ■May be combined with up to 6% seller concession for closing costs ■ No resale or borrower repayment restrictions… Continue reading Down Payment Program

Portfolio Lending Programs

Wright Mortgage has enhanced the Fresh Start loan. Part of our Portfolio Lending loans, Fresh Start now features several, borrower-friendly features: A lower down payment requirement – 85% LTV with no Mortgage Insurance (MI) No seasoning requirement for derogatory events, including Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy; foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, short sale and pre-foreclosure Multiple significant… Continue reading Portfolio Lending Programs


There’s no doubt about it – negotiating takes both finesse and confidence. It’s not for everyone, especially those of us who are passive. But when the times comes to purchase a new home and you’re sitting across the table from a home seller, buyers meek and confident alike must be able to hold their own… Continue reading Negotiate?

Preapproval at Wright Mortgage

Wright Mortgage offers an innovative new mortgage loan to homebuyers before they find their home. We. An complete the loan process actually approving buyers without an identified property. Please call us at 832-895-6587.